A Brief On AMC

Asian Management Consulting (AMC) is an Indonesian based consulting firm that has established a solid track record with international and national enterprises on various development projects and projects with private enterprises in the sectors of environment, energy and climate change, waste and wastewater issues, education, social protection, health, governance, and management. Projects have been conducted in Indonesia, India, and Vietnam.

AMC provides a wide range consultancy, training, study and assessment, and monitoring services to leading consulting companies in Indonesia. AMC is experienced in institutional development and capacity building using a target oriented approach by implementing international best practices tailored to local condition and demand, and under consideration of future orientation and fit to government regulations.

Networking and experience working with various stakeholders is an important aspect of project implementation. AMC works with regulators (macro level), associations (meso/intermediaries level) and consumers/industries (implementation level). The counterparts include Ministries, local government, research centers, laboratories, hospitals, NGOs, education institutions, associations, waste banks, waterworks, wastewater agencies, and various government institutions as well as communities and industries. Our network will ease the project implementation without depending too much on partner liaison facilitation.

How We Can Help

Our reputation has been built on a longstanding role in providing technical, organization and management related project support to our clients. AMC commands extensive experience in planning, designing and managing the implementation of projects where knowledge management, policy advice and well-founded communication strategies are vital to achieving the complementary objectives. Our experience covers the full project cycle from initial concept to complete facilities, including operation. We have significant expertise in institutional strengthening and strategic management, and have comprehensive experiences in capacity building, which is very important for the sustainability of the implementation.

Knowledge Management and Information Management should be organized in such a way that knowledge between and within an organization can be collected, exchanged and most of all used. Effective knowledge management is a critical success factor for project implementation. Form of knowledge management includes internal information system as well as documentation to be published such as Best Practices and Guidelines.
AMC is well experienced in managing knowledge management and developing documentation such as Best Practices and Guidelines. Among others are Guideline on CSR for the Indonesian Retail Sector, a Guideline for Eco Hotel in Indonesia, Supply Chain Management in Textile Industry, Environmental Management in Electroplating Industry, Guideline and Toolkit for Effective Cooperation of TVET Institutes and Industry, Technical Guideline (BAT/BEP) to improve in handling, storing, recycling and disposing of PBDEs containing waste in the plastic recycling sector, and many more.

AMC has performed various studies and assessment in various fields including market study, trade, energy, environment, climate change, education, employment, tourism, and many more along with our project portfolio. Our network and experiences in project development and private sector has provided access that eases us in performing study and assessment. As our value added, we are experienced in developing alternative methods for the best result of study.

Capacity Development means developing specific abilities of persons, organizations, networks and policy fields Since the establishment AMC has been working as training provider including training for trainers. Training has been performed for industry, government officials, associations, and other institutions including NGOs. Training services are also included in the implementation of technical assistance projects, both development cooperation and private projects.

AMC is familiar and experienced in result based-monitoring system. Our services include the development of monitoring and evaluation system for companies and projects, as well as performing the monitoring and evaluation activities. Our specialty in monitoring and evaluation scheme and methodology very often is scored best and as our strong point in winning the tender. We also conducted impact evaluation.

We also provide facilitation and organizing services of workshop, seminar, roundtable, networking meeting from the casual format to the high level forum. Our experienced facilitators will serve not only as a facilitator but also take a role as a consultant on site. The service includes:

  • Forum design
  • Facilitators, moderators, master of ceremony
  • Forum organizing including venue and travel arrangement
  • Translation
  • Evaluation and reporting

Meet the Experts

Christine Effendy

Christine Effendy is a professional consultant and has proven long track records in various development topics such as sustainability issues, vocational education, and strategic management.

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Edzard Rühe

Dr. Edzard Rühe is a PhD holder in Analytical Chemistry from Berlin Institute of Technology, German. His areas of expertise include Solid Waste and Environmental Management, Wastewater Treatment, Chemical Management, Laboratory Management, and Institutional Development and Public Governance.

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