Aim of the project is to train officers of department of Environment on environmental inspection.
The outcomes of the competence development measures about enhanced factory environmental inspection training are as follow:

  • DoE officers can relate to resource efficiency (RE) and cleaner production (CP) aspects in environmental inspection process with proper understanding of their relationship with end of pipe (EOP) pollution control approaches.
  • DoE staff involved in factory environmental inspections can conduct effective factory environmental inspections, integrating resource efficiency (RE) and cleaner production (CP) aspects into their inspection practices during factory visit.
  • Selected DoE trainers can continue providing the training.
  • DoE officers and Departments concerned with factory environmental inspections can identify the gaps and to take necessary action for amending/upgrading current inspection tools (checklist, materials, record keeping process etc.) and synchronization of overall inspection system (i.e., clearance, inspection and enforcement) in line with enhanced factory environmental inspection practices
  • DoE HR department has integrated the training module into its staff development and training programme.