The Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI)is a multi stakeholder platform consists of private sector (trader/exporter and buyer), NGO, and knowledge and research institutes, service providers (certification, laboratory). SSI seeks collaboration with the Government, both national and local government.

The main objective of the Sustainable Spices Initiative is to strengthen the sustainability performance of international spices supply chains and thus to safeguard continuous spices production, supply, and profitability. Indonesia as a major spices producer and exporter of spices is facing several sustainability challenges. Therefore, Indonesia would benefit from the implementation of such program.
Activities of SSI:

  • Technical assistance for farmers; capacity building on GAP, financial access, introduction to the inclusive business model, encourage younger generation, empowering women, and develop added-value products
  • Marketing event to facilitate market access and develop new market on spices
  • Develop traceability system
  • Develop database, e.g., export data
  • Regular networking events
  • Policy dialogue and advocacy
  • Joint research.