The ASEAN-German Energy Program (AGEP), a jointly implemented program by ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) and Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International ZUSAMMERNARBEIT (GIZ), supports ACE to strengthen its strategic role as a regional competence central of excellence for sustainable energy in the ASEAN region. This second phase of the joint program, AGEP II, has 3 main areas to contribute to APAEC 2016-2025:

  1. Support ACE to provide innovative services to promote sustainable energy.
  2. Improved collection and digital processing of socio-economic and energy data in AMS.
  3. Implement selected actions of ACE’s organizational development plan.

ACE personnel need to be ready to work in the new assigned area and provide quality work for team achievement. To prepare for the incoming challenges, it is essential for all of ACE personnel, regardless of the department, to first have a common mindset in achieving new goal for the Organization.
To comply with this, ACE needs to have a team building activity which can be a good opportunity to enhance communication and coordination.