The current project, “Rural Development in Indonesia through Strengthening the Rural Banking Sector” aims at strengthening BPRs through capacity building and empowering them to provide financial literacy trainings for their customers and non-customers.

Due to the COVID pandemic and the imposed travel and social distancing restrictions, the project progress has been adversely affected and project implementation has been slow. Therefore, a workshop has been conducted to further introduce the project partners, develop a common understanding of the mutually beneficial project goals and to facilitate planning for the remaining project phase duration through a consultative process involving implementing partners and stakeholders. The planning workshop had following objectives:

  1. Introduce Sparkassenstiftung and the project framework including expected project outputs and outcomes
  2. Understand the Indonesian Financial Services Authority’s (OJK) strategic plan for the BPRs and Perbarindo
  3. Understand the project partners profile, performance, and their business plan for the next 2 years
  4. Develop a workplan for the implementation of project activities in compliance with the project’s phase objectives, OJK’s strategic plan for BPRs/ Perbarindo and
    the implementing partners needs.

The objective of this consultancy was to facilitate and manage a consultative process involving multiple stakeholders to explain the project setup, coordinate capacity building around selected thematic areas and plan for the remaining project phase.

  1. Design a process for facilitating the workshop to generate agreed outputs
  2. Work with the Project Team to develop a workshop program and working documents
  3. Successfully facilitate the workshop and ensure timely completion of activities
  4. Support in the review of the workshop proceedings and prepare an edited
  5. Workshop report including lessons learned and outputs.