The three S4C Polytechnics in JEMBER, BATAENG and MOROMALI have expressed that the current organization of their labs is not yet as per the required national standards and have therefore requested to organize training, capacity building, and coaching. As a result, a long term (1,5 years) intervention plan, Lab capacity building program shall be initiated to (a) strengthen the lab management system; (b) support the Labs regarding technical and management requirements; and (c) establish all relevant processes (SOPs) including documentation of processes as per national standard aiming at implementing recognized analysis and testing in these Poly labs. The entire intervention on lab capacity building is composed of the following two intervention phases:

1. The first phase constitutes of a status quo and gap analysis, which will then determine the concrete and exact intervention measures for the second phase as well as introductory training.

2. The second phase constitutes of the actual capacity building program based on the identified needs in the respective Poly Labs.
The overall Lab capacity building measure aims to ensure that the Labs of the S4C institutions will be organized and run as per the national standards, which provides the basis for the international accreditation process in the long run.

The International Consultant, in cooperation with national consultants of PT. TUV NORD, supported the entire capacity building process include lab infrastructure assessment, training, coaching to ensure that the S4C Poly Labs are organized and managed as per the national standard. The international expert worked closely together with a TÜV Nord consulting team of national experts to conduct the lab capacity building program.