The consortium GFA/AMC/YLKI has been awarded the SCP Project in Indonesia which is part of the EU SWITCH program. The aim of the EU-funded SWITCH Asia programme is to promote Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in Asia. The programme works simultaneously on the ground, with producers and consumers, and at the level of Policymaking through support for formulation and implementation of SCP-related policies. The project had three major focus areas:

  1. Creating the Framework for a Consolidated National SCP Policy:
    This Component aims to engage all national stakeholders to strengthen the consolidation of SCP policies through increased communication and coordination among all parties such as government at central and local levels as well as non-governmental stakeholders, such as the private sector and NGOs, Universities, and media as well as the General public.
  2. Support to SCP Policy Implementation:
    Component 2 will strengthen the Ministry of Environment and selected stakeholders to contribute to the implementation of the National SCP Action Plan, to monitor the achievements against milestones and to jointly optimise the MOE’s SCP account.
  3. Financial mechanisms, Incentives, and policy instruments for SCP promotion.

Identifying the right mix of (In Particular Financial) instruments to optimise the implementation of Indonesia’s SCP policy.

The project conducted a baseline study on the Current status of SCP in Indonesia and recommendations to develop SCP in Indonesia. The project performed activities related to Green Public Procurement, Eco Hotel, Eco Label, development of Indonesian SCP Indicators. Campaigns on sustainable consumption have been performed in the pilot areas Surabaya and Yogyakarta. Training for Journalists has been conducted on SCP to enhance the publication on specific SCP topics.