The objective of the consultancy services was to develop an online e-learning course for skills development of the technicians of the wastewater treatment plants (ETPs, CETPs).

The e-learning course included required resource materials such as videos, presentations, handbooks etc. The course included self-assessment tests and a tool kit with drag and drop cards on treatment units.

The online course is in line with SCGJ requirements. The Training Handbook published by SCGJ was used for developing the e-learning course including the topics of types of wastewaters, wastewater treatment systems and components of treatment plant, conveyance systems, recycle/reuse/ZLD systems, monitoring systems, operation and management, work safety etc.

  • International best practices of online courses have been taken into consideration for the concept for the proposed online e-learning course in India.
  • The online course has been designed to fulfil the certification requirements by the Skills Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ) of the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC).