As a part of the SEIP II project, GIZ is supporting the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India, in developing the following e-portals as a part of capacity building of CPCB for strengthening of pollution prevention & control and environmental compliance in India:

• National Water Quality Portal
• National Environmental Law Portal
• Web-based Environmental Self-assessment Tool for Industries
• National Clean Air program (NCAP)

Need for National Water Quality e-Portal:

Monitoring the quality of water resources is the crucial step to prevent water bodies from getting polluted. The data on water quality in India is being collected by multiple agencies for over several years and decades. Data thus collected is in multiple formats and is rarely interoperable between multiple agencies often working towards the same end goal of environmental protection. There is a, therefore, a need for a nation-wide Water Quality Portal that could integrate data compiled by these multiple agencies onto a common platform.

Need for e-Portal on Indian Environmental Laws:

Presently, India has more than 200 Central and State legislations that deal with environmental issues. These include laws, rules, amendments, notifications, guidelines etc. issued from time to time. However, these are all not available at one place with easy access to the public agencies as well as the private agencies, industries, and the General public. There is a need to develop a e-portal for India on Environmental Laws. It is proposed to develop the National Environmental Law Portal under SEIP II project and hosted at CPCB.

Need for Web-based Environmental Self-assessment Tool for Industries:
India has nearly 36 million MSMEs. A good fraction of these industries may have relevance to complying with environmental laws. A self-assessment tool could help industries assess their status with environmental compliance as take suitable action accordingly. An environmental self-assessment tool based on environmental legislation could help industry in decision making on compliance.

Need for a National Clear Air Programme Portal The National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) is being overseen by MoEFCC in close cooperation with the Central Pollution Control Board. For better programme management of NCAP, adoption of IT systems is becoming essential. There is a need for a National level air quality portal/ dashboard for giving visibility to clean air actions as well as for proper monitoring the implementation of NCAP measures by various organisations and agencies.

The objective of this consultancy services is to provide technical & advisory services to the national consultants engaged by GIZ for development of the e-portals & self-assessment tool as a part of capacity building of CPCB for strengthening of pollution prevention & control and environmental compliance in India.
Overall scope of services is as below:

• Concept development: Providing of concepts for the development of above-mentioned e-portals and self-assessment tool [ref. (a) to (c) as above].
» Technical concept on the overall purpose, contents, functions required etc.

• Design and development: Providing of inputs to the national consultants engaged by GIZ for planning and designing of the e-portals & self-assessment tool.
» Technical aspects
» The NCAP Portal is to require complying with the Indian governmental (National Informatics Centre) requirements and data protection policies.

• Manuals/guidance documents: Providing of inputs to the national consultants for the development of user manuals and reference documents.

• Training: Be resource persons for conducting of training courses to enable CPCB, SPCBs and users understand the functioning, usage and operation of the portals.