Around 20% of Indonesia’s population (50 million people) are currently still without access to a secure power supply. The Government of Indonesia has set the objective of increasing the electrification rate to 96.6% by 2019. Many villages are located far from electricity grids and for the foreseeable future have no chance of connecting to the state electricity grid. Off-grid electrification through renewable energy (RE) is of particular importance here and makes it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared with the use of diesel-powered generators.

The project objective is: Knowledge about using renewable energy for off-grid electrification is institutionalised.

The project is active at different intervention levels. It provides advisory support on capacity development for the Directorate-General of New

Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) on defining standards for the quality and scope of performance for off-grid electrification programmes and on monitoring and evaluating existing systems. This will allow EBTKE to take on a technical leadership role vis-à-vis other ministries and thus support coordination of the different measures taken by the Indonesian Government with regard to off-grid electrification through RE. The qualitative and the quantitative capacity of the private sector to construct and maintain RE systems for off-grid electrification is increased at the same time.

The project aims to collect and process relevant knowledge about off-grid electrification through renewable energy and to institutionalise this among the relevant public and private sector actors (module objective). This contributes to avoiding future greenhouse gas emissions and providing reliable electrification of additional households. In addition, the project builds capacities at the individual level among key actors, particularly at EBTKE, other ministries, and in relevant parts of the private sector. The project objective is: Knowledge about using renewable energy for off-grid electrification is institutionalized.