AMC is partnering with GFA Consulting Group, mandated by GIZ to implement the Pilot Project Scheme (PPS) of the PIT project aims to assist ASEAN countries to identify and develop pilot projects that contribute to intensified knowledge and technology transfer, science-industry collaboration, and technology commercialization within ASEAN.

The PPS will select 10-20 pilot project proposals to receive support through expertise (STEs) and funding of workshops, meetings, and travel costs.
Pilot projects of national or regional scope will either aim to introduce technology transfer instruments or innovation promotion schemes; or aim at realising a specific innovation or technology transfer activity that entails replicable demonstration effects.

AMC and GFA are responsible to manage the PPS; including the elaboration of documents for launching the PPS, managing the application process and selection of Pilot Projects, providing advice and counselling to Pilot Project proponents (mainly through an STE pool), and organising networking meetings among different proponents and stakeholders of selected Pilot Projects.

Relevant objectives are:

1. SME development: Particularly related to SMEs’ knowledge & technology needs and opportunities
2. Innovation promotion & tech. transfer: Advice for setting-up new tools and programs (meso level)
3. Design and management of application-based SME support schemes