Our approach in providing training services focuses on the tailored-met training design. An assessment and or evaluation will be conducted by our team to ensure that the training design and content meet the specific needs of clients.

We also have developed some training series that might be in your demand.
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Some of our clients in training services:

  1. Henkel Indonesien
  2. Cognis Indonesia
  3. Beiersdorf
  4. CNOOC
  5. JST Indonesia
  6. RW TÜV
  7. Newmont
  8. Germanischer Lloyd – GL Nusantara
  9. Sued Chemie
  10. Degussa
  11. General Hospital Palembang
  12. Merck Indonesia
  13. PDAM
  14. Bayer Material Science

In the development cooperation projects, the training activities are always integrated in the project implementation. We are also experienced in developing modules for specific fields, which can be used for further training and capacity building.