NAME OF PROJECTStrategic Management with Balanced Scorecard Approach for Vocational Schools and Training Center for Teachers



The IGI/SED-TVET-project advises the Indonesian Ministry of Education and other partners in building a network of private and public institutes offering modern and innovative vocational education and training programs. AMC supports GIZ IGI/SED-TVET in strengthening the capacity of institutes by delivering training, workshops and consultancy on strategic management by using Balanced Scorecard approach in order to establish strategies towards main objectives including preparing the vocational schools to become international standard school (SBI). 

The network approach of the IGI-Alliance proved to be innovative and effective as well as challenging. Best practices of inter-institutional cooperation and organizational development shall be gathered and prepared to communicate the benefits of this approach to the institutes (internally) and their partners (externally). It can also provide a basis on which the IGI-Alliance can further improve the specific advantages of the center-sister design.

AMC supported the project GTZ SED-TVET in identification and documentation of Best Practices in vocational schools.